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Hot Rims And Tires | Things You Need To Know Before You Buy

By JD On July 9, 2013 No Comments

tires and rims

Wheels come with the vehicle when you purchase them, regardless of the brand or the style they come with the vehicle package. When you decide to change your vehicle wheels, there are various types you can select from.

You can buy discounted wheels, rent your rims or simply purchase new and stylish ones. If you decide to go for the last option;  purchasing quality stylish brand new rims can really be costly.

Some wheels can also be of superior or inferior quality irrespective of their cost. In selecting rims and tires, you have to have keen knowledge of the quality to make sure that they last long and offer good car performance.

Quality Rims and Tires are Vital

Quality of your wheels can be generalized into five vital points. To start with, you should consider the tread life of the wheels.

To determine how long tires will last before they wear out, you have to look for the UTQG rating label or the Uniform Tire Quality Grading which is  required by the Transportation Department.

Second, consider the capability of the tires in wet weather conditions. If you are from states or regions which gets regularly wet conditions, select the tire that will manage in these conditions.

Third, ensure that the car rating speed matches your wheels. If you like high speeds, you should look for rims and tires that can handle the speed. If you buy normal speed tires, they will wear out faster.

Fourth, find a superior profile 55 to 60 tire series to raise your car’s ride quality. Poor profile tire’s will render your rims to damages.

Finally, to obtain the greatest driving experience, you will require a tire that is free of noise. Discover which tire, will offer you a quieter riding experience as you cruise the highways.

Good Tire and Rim Deals Have To Be Found

When putting all these factors into consideration it is equally worthwhile to consider the way you can obtain these wheels at the most budget friendly price.

Custom rims can be as much as ten thousand dollars and that may hurt your pockets. Rim financing can help you get obtain new shoes for your baby aka your car.

There are car companies and retailers who give financial services to assist their customers in acquiring the wheels they need for their car.

They will even allow clients to improve the look of the car with various rim styles they offer. Companies dealing with rim financing offer a huge collection of rims and tire styles so car owners have plenty of options.

If you want to save via financing, you can opt to buy a rim and tire package. Just like purchasing individual rims and tires, you have the chance to choose from different brands and styles.

You do not have to restrict yourself to the former brand of your car wheels, you can give your car a new feel by choosing a different brand of tire.

The package deals also give you amazing discounts compared to if you purchase everything  separately.


What also makes a wheel and tire package deal unique is that once you buy, you only need to put them on your car and leave them alone.

The tires are previously mounted, and the rims readily balanced and filled to the ideal pressure. If you purchase rims, then price out tires at a local tire store.

You will realize that in most occasions the fee for tires are at a premium. You will thus be doing yourself a favor by letting most of the fluster and work be done by experienced professionals.

These pros have the experience and information to guarantee correct fitment of the new tire and wheel package.

To assure your perfect fitment, experts may assist you with measuring the wheels. There five vital parts of the wheels that must be measured to make sure that the rim you get for your tire is perfect.

You Have To Purchase The Right Sizes

  • First is to take the measurement of the width of the car wheel. You need to know how wide your car wheel is.
  • Second, you take the diameter-this is done by connecting the two ends of the surface of the wheel passing through the middle of the wheel.
  • Third you should measure the bolt circle to determine the bolt pattern of your wheel.
  • Fourth, the wheel’s back space is measured from the backside to the front of the wheel.
  • Finally, find the centerline and the distance of the mounting surface to obtain the wheel’s offset.

Chrome or Alloy?

There are two major options when replacing you car’s rims and tires: alloy or steel. Alloy has a higher price tag since they are costly to make and can increase the car’s performance because they are stronger, but much lighter.

Steel is obviously less costly as steel rims are simpler to manufacture compared to alloy rims. You will need to know the rim and tire sizes of your car when comparison shopping.

Many cars have a standard wheel size of fifteen inch, although some smaller cars may have 14 or 13 inch wheels, and trucks or SUVs will normally have seventeen or sixteen inch rims and tires.

If you like your car with larger wheels, you are not alone here. A good number of people claim that they better appeal and they offer more traction to the tire when turning corners, and when on the highway.

However, larger wheels are easily damaged compared to smaller wheels.

Choosing tires

Once you choose the rims or the wheels you need for your car, you can now pick  your car tires. Some tires are made for a special kind of diving that you do, and others are designed for given conditions of weather like snow and heavy rain.

There are economy grade tires and high performance tires. Many manufacturers advice that tires should be rotated every 5 thousand miles.

wheels & tires

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